How to Do Four Touch Turn in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 Four Touch Turn

The Four Touch Turn is a four-star skill move newly added into FIFA 22. This move allows your player to spin at a 180-degree angle when ending the pass with another touch. In the Four Touch Turn your player changes directions by turning to the one opposite of the original position.

The Four Touch Turn is a rare mechanic and a situational move but it gives you a great edge in most circumstances.

FIFA 22: How to Perform Four Touch Turn

You can only perform Four Touch Turn if you are a skilled player of 4 or 5 stars. Upon performing this move, you will be controlling the ball anywhere on the field. Opposing players will be disorientated and confused on this one.

This is how you can perform Four Touch Turn in FIFA 22. These are the keys to perform it:

  • PlayStation: Hold L2 + flick right analog stick back twice
  • Xbox: Hold LT + flick right stick back twice

This is everything that you need to know about performing Four Touch Turn in FIFA 22. Need more help? See Performing Skill Moves, Get Hero Cards, Errors and Fixes.

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