How to Do a Power Swing in MLB The Show 21

How to Do a Power Swing in MLB The Show 21

The power swing in MLB The Show 21 is a batting move that a player can perform, and requires extensive knowledge of timing and the ability to predict the pitch type. Performing a Power Swing is not a child’s play, but results are astonishing if done right.

Performing Power Swing in MLB The Show 21
If you intend to perform a Power swing, you should firstly press the Square Button on PlayStation or X button on Xbox, or you can use Analog buttons, and press down then instantly press up for pure Analog, and a wonderful Power Swing is executed hitting a home run.

Although you should remember that all the hitters in-game are not comfortable with this kind of shot, which means you will have to try to hit it with certain characters and at right time, or you won’t be hitting that beautiful home run.

The Power swing requires a lot of practice as well, as practice makes you perfect. So, you are going to need a lot of that to master this Swing and proceed to hit those gorgeous home runs.

This was everything we had on how to hit a Power Swing in MLB The Show 21. Feel free to check out our detailed MLB The Show 21 wiki guides for more help on the game.

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