In Everspace 2, crafting is your key to progression, and one of the best ways to gather crafting materials as well as save inventory space you need to dismantle items. However, the ability to dismantle items you need to unlock the ability. In this guide, I will explain all there to know on how to dismantle items Everspace 2.

Everspace 2: How to Dismantle Items

To dismantle items in Everspace 2 you need to purchase a Cargo Unit. It is easier to do since it is part of the early introduction of the game. As you start your adventure is the vast open universe of Everspace 2, you are introduced to different gameplay mechanics and details. At one point, you are told about two Trading Outposts and shop there. You need to go to one of the Trading Outposts and purchase a Cargo Unit.

As soon as you buy a Cargo Unit, you will increase your inventory capacity, crafting ability, and the ability to dismantle items in Everspace 2. Keep in mind that not every item in the game can be dismantled. Usually, you can’t dismantle weapons, armor, and equipment for your ship.

So how do you know if an item can be dismantled? Hover over the item and see if the dismantle option comes up. Have the Cargo Unit installed and start dismantling items you do not need in Everspace 2. If an item can be dismantled, press and hold X to dismantle it.

Inventory space can be a huge problem in the game, especially early on so make sure you work on increasing it. You can read our detailed guide on how to increase cargo space in Everspace 2.

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