One of the key features of a looter shooter like Outriders, Destiny, and The Division is the ability to dismantle weapons and gear. Dismantling items is done to get resources or to make space in your inventory. In this guide, we will discuss how to dismantle items in Outriders to get more resources and create space in your inventory.


Outriders: How to Dismantle Gear, Weapons, Items

In Outriders, you can dismantle and break down equipment into Scrap, Leather, Iron, and other resources. The majority of resources you get from dismantling items are used for crafting.

To dismantle items in Outriders, open your inventory and select the item you want to dismantle. Press and hold the designated button to dismantle the object. What and how many resources you get depend on the item’s tier.

The higher an item’s tier the more resources you can get from dismantling. Moreover, dismantling gear and weapons that have mods allow you to switch out mods when crafting new weapons and armor.

Apart from dismantling there are other ways to gather resources in Outriders. For example, to get Scrap you can sell equipment while Leather can be acquired from Beasts. Iron on the other hand can be harvested from Iron Nodes.

Resource How to Get
Scrap Sell items / Dismantle Common and Unusual weapons 
Iron Harvest Iron nodes / Dismantle armor 
Leather Beast kills / Dismantle Rare items 
Titanium Harvest iron nodes / Dismantle Rare or higher rarity items 
Anomaly Shard Dismantle Unusual or higher items 

Each resource is obtained through a couple of different ways including dismantling weapons, mods, and armor.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to dismantle in Outriders. Need more help? See best Pyromancer Builds, how to change appearance, World Tiers, which class to choose.