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How To Disguise As A Naut in Greedfall


Disguise is an essential gameplay mechanic in Greedfall, enabling you to avoid combat and employ stealth strategies. Among the various disguises, acquiring the Naut wardrobe can be particularly challenging. In this concise guide, we’ll walk you through the process of successfully disguising yourself as a Naut in Greedfall. Master the art of deception and navigate the world of Greedfall undetected.

Where To Find Naut Disguise?

To Find Naut disguise you need to visit two locations. These locations are :

Location #01: Storeroom

The Storeroom is located at the bottom left of the area, just beside three doors. You may recall this area from your search for the missing Cabin Boy. Once you spot the three doors, head to the right, and you’ll find the Storeroom. Enter the Storeroom and open the chest inside to acquire the Naut outfit. With the Naut outfit in your possession, you can now effectively disguise yourself in Greedfall.

Location #02: Harbormaster’s Office

Another method to disguise yourself as a Naut is by locating and opening the chest inside the Harbormaster’s Office. You can find this office at the eastern end of the docks. However, be cautious as there are guards in the area. To avoid detection, you’ll need to employ sneaking tactics. Once inside the office, head to the second floor and turn around the handrail. Proceed to the back room where you’ll discover the chest containing the Naut outfit.

By acquiring and wearing this outfit, you can successfully disguise yourself as a Naut in Greedfall. For further assistance with the game, I recommend checking out the Greedfall Wiki.

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