Starfield players have a plethora of combat strategies at their disposal. One such tactic is the ability to disarm opponents, rendering them vulnerable and momentarily defenseless. This guide delves into the mechanics of disarming, how to prevent it, best skills for disarming, and a common problem with disarming in Starfield.


Methods to Disarm Enemies

  1. Unlocking Disarming Skills:
    • Martial Arts (Physical Skill): This skill allows players to disarm opponents using hand-to-hand combat techniques.
    • Targeting (Combat Skill): A skill that focuses on targeting specific parts of an enemy, including their weapons, to disarm them.
    To utilize these skills, players must accumulate enough Skill Points and unlock them in their skill tree.
  2. Repulsing Armor Effect: Certain armor types, specifically those of Rare, Epic, or Legendary tiers, might come with the “Repulsing” effect. This effect grants a 5% chance to disarm nearby attackers. It’s a passive ability that can disarm both enemies you’re attacking and those attacking you.

How to Avoid Being Disarmed

  • Most Enemies Can’t Disarm: The good news for players is that a majority of the enemies in Starfield lack the capability to disarm. This includes foes wielding ranged, melee, or explosive weapons. Additionally, alien creatures won’t disarm players with their attacks.
  • Potential Threat from EM Weapons: There’s speculation that high-level enemies equipped with EM (Electromagnetic) weapons might have the ability to disarm players. EM weapons are designed to be non-lethal and could potentially disable players. However, this theory hasn’t been confirmed yet.

The Problem With Disarming And How To Deal With It

If you’re attempting to disarm enemies using unarmed strikes in Starfield there is an issue you need to be aware of. Despite successfully watching the gun fall out of the enemies’ hands multiple times after power attacking them, the game’s progress tracker still indicates 0/10 for disarms.

The issue stems from a misunderstanding of the game’s controls. It is easy to assume that to execute a power attack, you needed to “hold the attack button,” as was the case in previous Bethesda RPGs. However, in “Starfield,” the power attack is executed by pressing the “V” key on PC and R3 on Xbox.

Best Skill To Disarm Enemies In Starfield

While there are multiple ways to disarm enemies, the Martial Arts skill, from the Physical Skills tree, stands out as the most effective method specifically tailored for this purpose. Let’s look into the ranks of this skill and understand its progression:

  1. Rank 1: At this initial rank, players gain a heightened sense of combat, resulting in a +15% chance to land a critical attack when using melee. This not only boosts damage but also sets the stage for more advanced techniques in the subsequent ranks.
  2. Rank 2: This is where the disarm mechanic truly shines. With a +15% chance to disarm any enemy during a melee power attack, players can effectively neutralize threats, making combat encounters more manageable.
  3. Rank 3: Defense is as crucial as offense. At this rank, players become more resilient, taking 10% less damage when engaging in melee combat. This reduction ensures that players can stay in the fray longer, increasing their chances to disarm foes.
  4. Rank 4: Mastery in Martial Arts is achieved at this rank. Players not only defend against enemy melee attacks but also retaliate with force. If you successfully block an enemy’s melee attack, you return a whopping 50% of the damage back to the assailant.

That’s all there is to disarming in Starfield.