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How to Disable, Hack, and Deploy Turrets in Deathloop

Enemies in Deathloop can be mostly very well armed, and you will need a variety of arsenal to encounter these enemies. There are several different ways and things you can do to face off against an enemy. You can use turrets, and deploy them on your flank or for securing an area. Here’s how you can disable and use turrets in Deathloop.

Deathloop: How to Disable, Hack, and Deploy Turrets

Disabling a turret is pretty simple, as all you need to do is get close to the turret by staying outside of its range. After you are close to a turret, you can take out its battery pack to disable the turret. You will get the prompt to take out the battery of a turret if you go to the back of it. As soon as you remove the battery from the turret, the turret goes off instantly.

You can commandeer or hack a turret using Hackamajig. Hackamajig is a weapon that you can use to hack a turret in Deathloop. If you are intending to hack a turret, it needs to be activated. You can then equip Hackamajig, and just get close to the turret, and you will see a prompt to hold the ‘L1’ button to hack the turret.

If you want to deploy a turret of your own, you should have one in your inventory. Turrets that are under your control can be shut down at your command by using a remote control for turrets.

You just need to press the ‘L1’ button to disable a turret without even getting close to it. To deploy a turret, you can place the briefcase wherever you want the turret to be deployed and press the ‘L1’ button to deploy the turret.

This is everything that you need to know about disabling, hacking, controlling, and deploying turrets in Deathloop. Need more help? Check out How to Play Julianna, Avoid Poison Gas, Alexis the Wolf Location.

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