The entire concept of Ooblets is built around collecting … Ooblets. You continue to collect more as you progress through the game but what if you want to get rid of some?! In this guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about how to delete extra Ooblets in the game.


How to Delete Ooblets in Ooblets?

Ooblets is a cross between Animal Crossing and Pokémon games. Ooblets are small creatures that you’ll find as you progress through the game – and it’s really very easy to do so. The problem arises when you end up with too many Ooblets.

Since the game is still in Early Access, there isn’t any way of deleting extra Ooblets in the game. Needless to say but the developers are actively working on adding new features in the game. The ability to delete additional Ooblets may be something currently being worked on – we’ll know for sure in future. Luckily, there’s a workaround to help you limit the number of active Ooblets following you around.

If you don’t want an array of Ooblets following you around 24×7, what you can do is to force them to work. Oobcoops in the game are buildings that you can use to store Ooblets in them. Oobcoops in the game can be upgraded to increase its storage capacity.

You can also select your desired Ooblet and send them to your farms. You can always choose to select which Ooblet you want to follow you around and which one you want to work its ass off on the farm.

As for actually deleting Ooblets from the game, it’s something we’ve yet to see implemented.

That’s all we’ve got in how to delete additional Ooblets in the game. You can check more of our detailed guides in our Ooblets wiki.