Magic is what it’s all about when it comes to Forspoken. You could spend hours learning what to do with each type of Magic. However, unlocking a new type of Magic is the most exciting part of the game. Tanta Prav is the second boss fight you will face in the Forspoken. Once defeated, you are rewarded with Blue (Prav’s) Magic, which makes this fight exciting.

Since this fight occurs in Chapter 8, the reward brings a welcome change to the game mechanics. Blue Magic gives you water-based spells that look the coolest. The fight can be long and grueling, but with the information in this guide, you should be able to make quick work of this boss.

Phases 1-2
This fight will take place in 3 phases, each more complicated than the last. In the first phase, Tanta Prav does not take on Frey alone. Instead, she makes Frey fight her minions. Four of them will appear around you, using bows for ranged attacks. Various creatures and monsters follow them. Fire Magic makes quick BBQ out of these enforcers. Be patient, deal with them individually, and remember to save your healing items for later phases.

The second phase is where Frey and Prav come face-to-face. Once all the minions are defeated, Prav enters the fight arena. She will use Icicle Shards and Water Beams, which should be easy to block or dodge. Try not to get hit in this part of the fight, as you will need the health for later stages.

Prav will also use Swirling Swarm, where she will float in mid-air while surrounded by a water bubble. As long as you have ranged attacks, you can inflict crazy damage to her during this move.

Once you hack away at a third of her health, Prav goes into a transition state. During this stage, she will manipulate the arena around Frey to make projectiles fly at her. It’s better to let her do her thing during the transition and focus on incoming projectiles.

Phase 3
After you damage Prav’s HP sufficiently, the third phase of the fight begins. She will use new attacks like the Bubble Burst, Water Cannon, and Cold Snap. Bubble Burst is easy enough to counter by bursting the oncoming bubbles. Water Cannons and Cold Snap can be tricky, though.

Both of these moves are telegraphed before they are deployed, which makes them easier to deal with. Water Cannon means to get in the water. Cold Snap means to get out of the water and find a ledge. It’s as easy as that!

Water Cannon can be spotted by water orbs forming, and Cuff will warn you about Cold Snap.

Prav’s agility, due to her water abilities, can make her a hard target to hit. It can make the fight more prolonged than usual, but you must keep your guard up throughout the battle. Remember to keep countering her moves and spells, and strike when the coast is clear.

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