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How To Beat Mela, The Fire Crew Leader In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet


Pokemon Scarlet & Violet has become the talk of the gaming community. Nowadays, people have been discussing different tips and tricks to keep in mind when defeating different enemies, and in this guide, we’ll cover Mela, the Fire Crew Leader. Defeating Mela, the Fire Crew Leader, in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is one step toward Operation Starfall. However, ensure you are at level 25 or above to beat her easily. In which case, make sure you beat Giacomo first to get easy with fighting formidable enemies. One of the key points to keep in mind is to use rock, ground, and water-type Pokemon against her, as it is her weakness. However, don’t depend on strategy, and keep a note of your level at first.

Fire Crew Base Location

The fire crew base, where Mela resides, is located North-West of Artazon, in the East Province, also known as Area One. Once you get to the mentioned location, Cassiopeia will call you to explain the setup of Mela’s base, so keep note of every detail, and just after that, Clive will appear to run off to find Mela. Once at the base, follow the gates and start a chat with Grunt. This will commence the alert about your coming to the base and kick off the attack.

Commence A Star Barrage

As soon as you get inside the base, start with an offense strategy by pressing the R bumper key, sending out three Pokemon at once. Here, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and defeat 30 pokemon in just 10 minutes. So, try using Azumarill as the lead with Gengar and Murkrow by your side.

Mela’s Pokemons

It’s always best to prepare for the enemy you’re supposed to fight with. Mela has two Pokemon she uses on the get-go, one being Torkoal, an intense fire pokemon at level 27. Besides that, she also has Schedar Starmobile, a fire pokemon at level 26.

How to Beat Mela [Pokemon Scarlet & Violet]?

As mentioned earlier, your best choice of Pokemon against Mela in Scarlet & Violet is the water, rock, or ground type. Try to get three from each type mentioned and attack Mela where she’s weak. This, no doubt, is an efficient way to kick Mela’s butt. You can try looking for Finizen by the East Paldean Sea. This pokemon would help you wonders in defeating Mela.

Mela isn’t all that powerful against water, rock, or ground-type Pokemon. She’ll likely fallout in the first few minutes, provided you hit right and avoid attacks. Here, you should take note of Schedar Starmobile’s Blazing Torque attack most of all, as it can take you out with one to two hits.

Mela Fire Crew Rewards!

Defeating Mela is sure rewarding, as it gives you a boost of Pokemon speed. Also, a special Fire-type move will unlock, and you’ll get equipped with a TM38 Flame Charge. That’s not all, as you’ll get your badge and a photograph. Then, Cassiopeia will call and send you 6000 LP with Pokemon Materials.

That is all for our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet guide with tips on how to beat Mela, The Fire Crew Leader. For more on the game, see How To Defeat Montenevera Gym Leader Rhyme and How To Get Frigibax.

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