Crota is the last encounter you will need to do in Destiny 2: Crota’s End reprised raid. It happens in the same arena as Ir Yut and revolves around the same mechanic we have learned until now i.e. Enlightened, Chalice of Light, etc. There is, however, a new mechanic that you will need to pay attention to which is Oversoul. In this guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing the Crota encounter in Destiny 2: Crota’s End.


Destiny 2: Crota’s End Crota’s Encounter

Immediately after starting the encounter, you will see a global debuff called Presence of Crota. This means that you will not be swap the Chalice of Light anywhere in the area — unlike the earlier encounters. In order to swap the Chalice of Light, you will need to stand in the Pool of Light in the area — there are a total of 5 areas where these can appear. Here is how the encounter plays out:

  • Once the encounter begins, split into two teams of three and clear the corridors.
  • After heading down, two players will need to defeat the Boomer Knights in the towers while one player grabs the Chalice of Light from the area below.
  • Once the Boomer Knights have been defeated, two Ogres and a Swordbearer will spawn below.
  • The player with the Chalice of Light will need to get Enlightened and grab the Hive Sword dropped by the Swordbearer.
  • The person with the Hive Sword will need to head over to Crota and damage him with the Hive Sword to damage his shield. Please do note that the sword is on a timer and will disappear after a few seconds once you have hit Crota with it — the best combo to use is Heavy, Super, Heavy, Heavy.
  • Before beginning the DPS phase, be sure to have one player Enlightened to shoot the Oversoul — it is recommended to use a Fusion to shoot it.
  • Once you have one player to do the Oversoul, you can break his shield, place a Well of Radiance, and begin DPS.
  • Once there is around 5 seconds left in Oversoul, shoot the Oversoul with a Fusion while you have the Enlightened buff.
  • After that, just repeat the same thing again until you are done.

Here is a quick video demonstration if you need:

We hope this helped you beat Crota in Destiny 2: Crota’s End. For more help on the game, be sure to see our detailed Destiny 2 wiki page.