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How to Declare War in New World

War is easily one of the most fun aspects of the New World. The activity, however, not only demands skill but also communication among the teammates. But how does one declare War? In this New World guide, we have explained all there is to know about how to declare War on other Factions.

Declaring War in New World

Before we begin, do note that only a Company can declare War. And since it is not tough to join a Company, this is something the player should do as soon as possible.

War cannot be declared immediately after joining a Company. It can only be done once a Faction has completed a few Faction Missions. Completing these Faction Missions will weaken a territory. It is only then a Company will be chosen via lottery to lead the charge to fight the War on behalf of its Faction.

Once a Company has been selected, the Governor will select 50 participants who will represent the entire Faction. But what if a Company that does not have 50 members is selected? In such a case, people belonging to the third Faction can sign-up and join in. These people belonging to the third Facion must travel to the area where the War is going to take place and sign-up via the War Boards in the Settlement/Fort.

These 100 people will then go against each other for territory control. The objective of the attacking team is to not let the defending team hold on for 30 minutes – whoever succeeds will win the War and the control over the territory.

Also, do note that the War is done during a specific time set by the defending Company – this is to prevent things like offline raiding. Once the designated time comes, all participants are teleported to the War automatically.

This is all we have got in how to declare War in New World. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed New World wiki page.

Ian Shaw
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