Summoning cannibals to attack a player is one option that falls under ‘summoning’ when using your bone dagger. When summoned, little aggressive pink human-like creatures will sprint at their target on all fours and attempt to kill them until they either die or manage to get rid of them altogether!

Cannibals in Dread Hunger

Cannibals in this area are faster than regular players and have two attack options. They will either bite you with their sharp fangs or stop running to throw rocks at your feet as they barge forward!

It’s always better to be prepared for anything, including an emergency. However, you can take the least amount of time preparing by simply using a melee weapon only and fighting with it – your character may have spawned in with something like an ax or saber already equipped!

You can save yourself some time by crafting an ax or pickaxe early on in the game so that you are not wasting precious moments at a bench. Then, use this as your primary weapon against cannibals and travel much further as you can.

You’ll need to be quick on your feet and take note of any cannibals that may come up behind you. If left uninterrupted, this is an excellent time for efficient coal gathering as long as there aren’t any pesky natives ruining the party! Try swinging them around at once when fighting with melee weapons like cameras in hand (and beard). So everyone gets hit by their attack while also damaging multiple enemies.

While holding right-click and pressing left click, you can throw any melee weapon without considering its distance. The upside? You’ll do more damage when thrown into enemies! Of course, if cannibals come at me while I’m using just my hands–I’ll be able to tell them apart pretty quickly because they’re so close together on screen…but what about everyone else?!

The shovel doesn’t have quite such an obvious advantage over other items in terms of range (around 4 meters), but its shape makes catching people off guard easier than ever before.

Cannibalism is not for the faint-hearted! If you’re unfortunate enough to attract eight cannibals on your first day. They’ll deal about 80 damage with their attacks before dying. Cannabis is more likely than not going to attack from a distance. So make sure that any followers stay back while fighting them off yourself. But don’t forget those who may be in front of or behind where this occurs.

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