How to Customize Your Character in Among Us

among us character customize

The sleeper hit known as Among Us is a game perfect for playing with friends. But among friends, it is important to keep your unique identity. Among Us allows you to customize your character with a handful of different customization options. In this guide, we will discuss all customization options that help you customize your character in Among Us.

How Character Customization Works in Among Us

Among Us characters all look pretty much the same but you can bring your own flavor to the mix. Cosmetic items in Among Us range from hats, skins, and pets. As is the case with other titles, skins. Using these items you can customize your characters in Among Us. Skins are your outfits in Among Us, you wear skins to change your overall appearance in Among Us. Meanwhile, hats are your headgear that offers no gameplay benefits. All cosmetic items in the game are for changing appearances only.

Last but no the least, pets in Among Us are little creatures that follow you around. Getting your hands on cosmetic items in Among Us depends on the platform you are playing on. PC players can get the skins and hats for free but pets are paid extensions. However, mobile users pay for pretty much all cosmetic items since the game is free on the platform. There are a few hats that are free for mobile users.

How to Customize Character

Now for the part where we tell you how to customize characters in Among Us. To customize characters you need to join a game and go over to the laptop while the game is loading. Open the laptop and go through the customization options, equip the ones you like.

And that’s all, that’s how you customize your character in Among Us. If you need more help with the game check out the Among Us Wiki.

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