In the massive world of Skyrim, there are a ton of mechanics to customize your experience. You can adjust your appearance, class, race, and even clothes to your liking. Some customizations can impact your playstyle, and you may not always like it. One such example is Vampirism which comes with its abilities and skills, but there are cons that, over time, make the player ask, “how to cure Vampirism?”

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Vampirism is a disease that limits your ability to go out during the daytime. Moreover, NPCs will run away from you on sight, which is a headache of its own. NPCs will tell you how to cure Vampirism in Skyrim but the method changes depending on how bad the disease is. During the early stages of Vapirisim, go to the nearest Inn and speak with the Innkeeper, who will offer you the Rising at Dawn quest.

If the disease has progressed and there are no Inns available in the area, your only option is to speak with a member of the Dawnguard. When the disease has progressed, you can’t access the Inn without scaring every NPC in the building, so look for a member of the Dawnguard.

After speaking with either the Innkeeper or a member of the Dawnguard, you’ll have to visit the mage Falion, in Morthal. Falion is a Redguard Mage who knows how to cure Vampirism, and the meeting with him is part of the Rising at Dawn quest that eventually leads to the cure of your Vampirism.

Look for Falion on the East side of the river, near the water where he resides. Falion will ask you to fill one Black Soul Gem for a ritual to cure Vampirism. The Black Soul Gems are filled with the Grand Souls of giant creatures, but if you can spare the coin, Falion offers a Black Soul Gem already filled for a price.

Performing the Ritual to Care Vampirism

The final step is to perform Filion’s ritual to cure Vampirism. Falion takes you to the Summing Stones in Morthal. No action is required from your side other than standing on the summoning stones; let Falion perform the ritual and cure the Vampire curse. After the ritual, Vampirism will be cured, but if you want to be a vampire again, the game allows you to do that. You can perform a curing ritual repeatedly in Skyrim to fix your Vampire curse.

How To Cure Vampirism With Console Commands

If you don’t want to perform the curing ritual, pay Falion, and go through the entire Rising at Dawn quest, there is an easy way to cure Vampirism in Skyrim. The easy way to cure Vampirism in Skyrim is to use console commands to restore your character status. Press the “~” key to open the command console and enter the “showracemenu” command to open the character creation menu. Opening the character creation menu is secondary to restoring the character’s status, and as a result, vampire disease will disappear. This is the easiest way to cure Vampirism in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

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