There are a handful of status effects in Stranded Deep and one of them is poison. The player can get poisoned from snake bites. In this guide, we will explain how you can cure the poison status effect in Stranded Deep.


How to Cure Poison Status Effect

In addition to snake bites, you can get poisoned by coming into contact with Lionfish, Crown of Thorns Starfish or Sea Urchins. You can tell when you are poisoned as the message will appear on the screen. The player’s vision will turn green, tinged, and numerous boils and rashes will appear on the arm. The health bar goes down slowly and if it isn’t cured, the player will die in a few days.

The only way to cure poison is by using an antidote in Stranded Deep. You can craft the cure by using pipi which is found inside small green plants. You need 2x pipi and 1x Coconut Flask to craft the poison cure. If you get poisoned at the start of the game it really hard to cure the status effect. If that happens, it is best to reboot and start over. If you are poisoned you can not get poisoned again so you can try and gather snakes and Lion Fish. However, night snakes will do additional damage. Use the farming mechanic to have at least two pipi farms at all times in Stranded Deep.

The most common way to get poisoned is the Crown of thorns starfish that hands around the base. Save the game as often you can and reload when you get poisoned and don’t have the antidote.


That’s all you need to know to cure the poison status effect in Stranded Deep. If you need more help with the game check out the Stranded Deep Wiki.