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How to Cure All Persona 4 Golden Status Effects – Poison, Rage, Dizzy

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Every now and then the player will get affected by status effects in Persona 4 Golden. There are some healing items that are specifically used to cure status effects. In this guide, we will discuss all status effects and how to cure rage, dizzy, poison, and more.

How to Cure Status Effects

There are a total of 9 status effects in Persona 4 Golden. Each status effect is cured by using a healing item found in Chests in the TV World or purchased from a vendor. Below is the list of all status effects on how to cure them with healing items.

Status Effect Description Cure 
Poison Persona loses HP with each turn Dokudami Tea 
Rage Characters ignore Tactics and only use physical attacks. Offense goes up but defense and accuracy are affected. Sedative 
Dizzy Can’t attack for a turn. When a character goes down they will become dizzy if they went down with a crit or are hit on their weakness. There is a 50% chance of becoming dizzy if they went down with a normal attack. Stimulant 
Panic The character becomes uncontrollable and can’t attack, defend, or both and can even lose money. Sedative 
Enervation Stats are halved and hit rate goes down. Characters may also forget which skill they were going to use. Royal Jelly 
Mute/Silence Can’t change Persona and Persona Skills Mouthwash 
Fear The character might run from the fight or not do anything at all. Sedative 
Unconscious Characters can’t act and if the protagonist is unconscious the game is over. Allies will have 1 HP when they are back on the field. Stimulant 

These are cures you need to deal with all the Status Effects in Persona 4 Golden. Need more help with the game? Do check out the Persona 4 Golden Wiki for more helpful guides.


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