As you progress the main story you will soon get access to a ton of new crafting materials and recipes. The most major element of crafting is getting your base ready for a secure home for your character. However, the secure base won’t always be secure. Larger insects are aggressive and they will come at your base. One of the best ways to defend your base in Grounded is to craft traps. How to make traps? Well, you will need a variety of different crafting materials.


There are three types of traps in Grounded.

  • Spike Strip
  • Tripwire Bomb
  • Lure Trap

All of the types of traps in Grounded require different types of ingredients. However, the first step will always be to unlock the traps recipe.

How to Get Crafting Recipes and Craft Traps in Grounded

Traps can be placed at different sections of your base. It is a basic part of the base building. Traps will keep away aggressive large creatures but not all of them will actually kill the insects. You will also need to craft weapons and armor to defend yourself and your base.


Spike Strip

Spike Strip is one of the traps variants in Grounded. To craft this type of trap you need its recipe first. To get the Spike Strip trap recipe you need to analyze the Spike Strip. Once you have the recipe you can go to the menu to see what resources you need to make the Spike Strip trap in Grounded.

Spike Strip Trap Recipe

To craft the Spike Strip trap you need 1 Sap, 2 Woven Fiber, 3 Thistle Needle, 3 Weed Stem. Gather these items and head over to the Craft tab in the menu to make your trap. The crafting items you need are available easily around the world. The sap is found at branches and logs, analyze Fiber to get Woven Fiber, Thistle Needle is gathered by chopping down plants with purple flowers, and Weed Stem is available from the Dandelion Flower.

Tripwire Bomb

The second trap variant in Grounded is the Tripwire Bomb. To get the Tripwire Bomb Recipe you need to use the Resource Analyzer to analyze the Ant Egg. Once you have the recipe you need to head over to the menu and see what resources you need to make the Tripwire Bomb.


Tripwire Bomb Recipe

You need to gather 1 Spider Silk, 2 Ant Part. Once you have all the ingredients go to the menu, open the craft section to make the trap. Spider Silk comes from killing the spiders, and Ant Parts come from killing ants.

Lure Trap

The last variant of traps in Grounded is the Lure Trap. As always, the first step is to get the Tripwire recipe. Final a Flower Petal and analyze it using the Resource Analyzer to get the Lure Trap recipe. When you get the recipe to make this trap go to the menu to see what resources you need.

Lure Trap Recipe


To craft this trap you need 4 Sprig, and 4 Flower Petal. You can find Sprig on the ground, just keep exploring and you will come across a ton of it. Flower Petal is found in areas with a ton of flowers.

These were of the traps you can make in Grounded. Hope this crafting guide helps you out and you are able to defend your base better. For more on Grounded, check out the Wiki.


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