How to craft a workbench in Grounded? Well, the process is pretty simple, and all you need is a bit of sap to get started. In this guide, we will discuss how crafting a workbench works in Grounded so you can use blueprints to craft more advanced items. There are a few ways you can unlock a crafting station and we will list all of them below.


Grounded: How to craft a workbench

Pretty early on in the game, you will get access to the Resource Analyzer tool. This tool allows you to scan various resources around to unlock future crafting recipes, and upgrade your tools. One of the first things you should analyze in Grounded is sap. Sap is orange goo you find in the backyard. To unlock the crafting recipe for a workbench you need to analyze sap. After you get the workbench recipe open the menu and go to the blueprints tab where you will find the workbench recipe blueprint.

Workbench Crafting Recipe

To craft a workbench in Grounded you need¬† 3x Grass Plank, 4x Sprig, and 2x Sap. Once you have all these ingredients you can craft the workbench from the “Craft” tab in Grounded.


Use the Workbench to Craft Armors and Weapons

Crafting the workbench is the key to progression in Grounded. After you successfully craft a workbench you can use it to craft armors and weapons with advanced materials. Armors and weapons will allow you to better defend yourself against high-level enemies, bigger creatures, and critters. The workbench can help you craft bows and arrows,  spears, and other types of weapons. Helpful tools such as the hammer and axe come from the workbench as well.

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