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How to Get a Pickaxe in Valheim (All Recipes)


One of the best and early tools you’ll need in Valheim is the pickaxe. This tools is the most useful early on but also comes in handy as you progress further into Valheim. The pickaxe is used to harvest ores, rare metals, and ingots. With the help of the pickaxe, you can craft more items including the best weapons and armor. In this quick guide, I will explain how to craft the pickaxe in Valheim.

Updated on July 15, 2023: As of today, Valheim has seen exciting developments in its gameplay and accessibility. Whether you’re a dedicated PC player or an adventurer on Xbox Game Pass, the thrill of immersing yourself in the perilous Norse-inspired world remains unchanged. We understand that obtaining a pickaxe in Valheim can still pose challenges for novice players. In light of this, we have meticulously enhanced this guide with fresh insights, revamped links, well-defined headers to streamline information, and additional tips on locating essential resources like wood for crafting the pickaxe. Stay ahead of the game and embark on your epic journey with confidence!

What’s the Pickaxe Used For?

Pickaxe in Valheim is a valuable took used to mine ore and create more advanced tools. Of course, you can use it is in combat but it isn’t an effective as an actual melee weapon. Pickaxe is the stepping stone to the crafting of better weapons, gear, mining resources, clearing rocks and vegetation before summoning bosses. The applications are endless. Speaking of bosses, to get the Pickaxe you’ll have to go through a boss.

How to Craft a Pickaxe in Valheim

To craft a pickaxe you need 10x wood and 1x Hard Antler. Wood is an easy resource to get but Hard Antler can only be acquired from Eikthyr.

In Valheim, the first major test of your mettle comes in the form of Eikthyr, the mighty stag and the game’s first boss. He must be summoned at the mystical altar in the Meadows biome, a serene yet dangerous locale rife with the game’s early challenges. To summon this boss, two deer trophies are required, which can be obtained by hunting the deer that roam these lands.

Once you manage to beat Eikthyr in Valheim you’re one major step closer to making a Pickaxe. Once defeated, he will drop a ‘Hard Antler.’ This Hard Antler is the pivotal ingredient you will need to craft your first pickaxe, marking the commencement of your journey towards mining and metalworking.

Upon acquiring the Hard Antler, your next step lies at the workbench, the hub of all your crafting activities. As we discussed already, crafting recipe for the Antler Pickaxe requires:

  • 1 Hard Antler (dropped by Eikthyr)
  • 10 Wood (gathered from trees in any biome)

It’s important to note that crafting this pickaxe requires at least a level 2 workbench. With the materials and the workbench ready, you will be able to craft your first Antler Pickaxe in Valheim.

Antler Pickaxe crafting recipe and stats.

Base Antler Pickaxe Stats

Repair Station Level1
Pierce18 (4-10)
Block Power10 (10)
Parry Force20
Parry Bonus2x
Movement Speed-5% (Total +0%)

List of Pickaxes in Valheim

NameDamageStaminaMineable Ore Deposit
Antler PickaxePierce: 18
Pickaxe: 18
6Stone, Copper, Tin, Muddy scrap pile, Abyssal Barnacle
Bronze PickaxePierce: 25/40
Pickaxe: 25/37
8Stone, Copper, Tin, Muddy scrap pile, Abyssal Barnacle
Iron pickaxePierce: 33/48
Pickaxe: 33/48
10Stone, Copper, Tin, Muddy scrap pile, Abyssal Barnacle, Obsidian, Silver, Glowing metal
Blackmetal pickaxePierce: 49/64
Pickaxe: 49/64
10Stone, Copper, Tin, Muddy scrap pile, Abyssal Barnacle, Obsidian, Silver, Glowing metal, Black marble

How To Use The Pickaxe

Equipping your newly crafted Antler Pickaxe heralds the beginning of a new age of resource gathering. The pickaxe is not just a tool, it is a symbol of your mastery over the land.

To use the pickaxe, equip it and swing at the rock or ore deposit you wish to mine. Each strike will chip away at the target and may yield precious resources. Notably, the Antler Pickaxe allows you to mine Tin and Copper ores. These are essential for crafting Bronze and subsequently, entering the Bronze Age.

The Antler Pickaxe, like all tools in Valheim, is subject to wear and tear. Regular repair and maintenance at the workbench are essential. The beauty of this lies in the simplicity; repairs do not require additional materials, making the upkeep straightforward.

Beyond repairs, upgrading the Antler Pickaxe can increase its durability and efficiency. Upgrades demand additional materials and a higher-level workbench, but the investment is well worth the enhanced mining capabilities.

How To Craft Bronze, Iron, And Blackmetal Pickaxe

As you journey forward in Valheim, you will encounter more bosses and unlock more materials. Each conquered boss and discovered resource is a step towards crafting superior pickaxes. From the Bronze Pickaxe, the Iron Pickaxe, and ultimately the Blackmetal Pickaxe, each new tool represents your growing prowess as a true Viking warrior.

Bronze Pickaxe Crafting Recipe

To craft a Bronze Pickaxe you need 3x Core Wood which can be acquired from Pine Trees in the Black Forest. The Bronze Pickaxe is the second tier of pickaxes in Valheim. It’s used to mine tin and copper ores, which are found in the Black Forest biome.

Iron Pickaxe Crafting Recipe

To craft an Iron Pickaxe in Valheim, you need 3x Core Wood and 20x Iron. Core Wood comes from Pine Trees and Iron can be acquired from Scrap Iron. The Iron Pickaxe is a higher-tier pickaxe that is used to mine obsidian and silver. It’s recommended to bring your older pickaxes when going on mining expeditions in the mountains, so you can use them to unearth the silver and other resources, refer to the table above for details.

Blackmetal Pickaxe Crafting Recipe

The Black Metal Pickaxe is the strongest pickaxe in the game. It’s used to mine stone, tin deposits, copper deposits, muddy scrap piles, silver deposits, obsidian deposits, black marble, and soft tissue. Its primary attack is a melee attack that destroys the ground. It doesn’t have a secondary attack.

The Black Metal Pickaxe in Valheim can be crafted at a level 2 Workbench with 25 Black Metal bars and 3 Yggdrasil Wood. The Black Metal bars can be created through the use of a Blast Furnace with the combination of Black Metal Scrap and Coal. The Yggdrasil Wood must be gathered in Valheim’s new Mistlands biome by chopping down the Yggdrasil Shoots/trees that grow throughout the biome. Crafting a Black Metal Pickaxe in Valheim requires specific materials and following these steps:

  1. Collect the Required Materials: You’ll need 25 Black Metal bars and 3 Yggdrasil Wood.
  2. Acquire Black Metal Bars: Black Metal bars can only be produced using a Blast Furnace, combining Black Metal Scrap and Coal. Black Metal Scrap can be obtained by defeating various types of Fulings found in the Plains or by searching wooden chests.
  3. Obtain Yggdrasil Wood: Yggdrasil Wood is a vital ingredient found in Valheim’s new Mistlands biome. Look for Yggdrasil Shoots and chop them down using a Black Metal Axe. Remember, you need the Black Metal Axe to cut down these trees.
  4. Crafting the Pickaxe: With both Black Metal bars and Yggdrasil Wood in your possession, head to a level 2 Workbench and craft the Black Metal Pickaxe.

Please be aware that the primary purpose of the Black Metal Pickaxe is to collect Marble in the Mistlands. Although the terrain in this biome may resemble Marble, you can only obtain it by mining the scattered Petrified Bones throughout the area.

And that’s how you craft the pickaxe in Valheim. Also, visit our Elder Boss fight guide or head over to our dedicated Valheim Wiki.

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