The Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim is one of the best AoE weapons that you can get your hands on in the game. You can get this hammer by proceeding a little in the game, and after beating a couple of bosses. As you proceed in the game you will want to get some more powerful weapons in your armory/ inventory.


Before you can begin crafting, you’ll need the proper facilities in place:

  • Smelter: Essential for processing Scrap Iron into usable Iron.
  • Forge: This is where the actual crafting of the Iron Sledgehammer will take place. However, a basic Forge won’t do; you’ll need to upgrade it to at least level 2. Enhance your Forge with items like the Tanning Rack or Anvils.

Valheim Iron Sledgehammer Crafting Recipe

Crafting the Iron Sledgehammer requires a specific set of materials. Here’s what you need and how to find them:

  • Ymir Flesh (x4): This rare item can be purchased from Haldor the merchant for 120 coins apiece.
  • Ancient Bark (x10): Venture into the Swamp biome and chop down Ancient Trees to acquire this.
  • Iron (x30): Smelt Scrap Iron, found in Muddy Scrap Piles within the Swamp biome, in your Smelter to obtain Iron.
  • Draugr Elite Trophy (x1): Defeat the fearsome Draugr Elites, residents of the Swamp biome, to collect this trophy.

There are several ways to collect these items in-game. For Ymir’s flesh, you will have to find the secret vendor as it can only be obtained from him. This secret vendor is a bit difficult to find because he spawns randomly on the map. The game allows you to buy only one Ymir’s flesh at a time so if you want multiple Ymir’s flesh, you can purchase one and throw it on the ground and purchase another. You can pick up the thrown flesh later on in the game.

Getting ironbarks and ancient barks is easy but for the Draugr Elite trophy, you will have to slay down a Draugr elite by finding it on the map. It is usually on the southern side of the map in the brown swamps area.

How to Craft

Once you’ve gathered all necessary materials, it’s time to craft: Head to your upgraded Forge. Navigate through the crafting menu to locate the Iron Sledgehammer. With the right materials in your inventory, the option to craft the weapon will now be available. Go ahead and forge this mighty weapon.

The Iron Sledgehammer isn’t just any weapon; it’s a force of nature. Its primary strength lies in its AOE capability, emitting a powerful shockwave with each ground strike, damaging multiple enemies at once. This makes it particularly effective against groups, clearing mobs with its wide-swing arc.

Tips for Wielding Your Iron Sledgehammer

To make the most of your new weapon, consider the following tips:

  • Positioning is Key: The Iron Sledgehammer’s AOE means you can hit several enemies with one swing. Position yourself where you can cause the most damage.
  • Timing Matters: This weapon has a slower attack speed due to its heavy nature. It’s vital to time your swings to avoid leaving yourself open to counterattacks.

This was everything you needed to know about how to craft Iron Sledgehammer in Valheim. For more help on the game, be sure to check out our detailed Valheim wiki guides.