How to Craft in Greedfall: Crafting Explained

how to Greedfall in craft

Looting and waiting for the right stuff to drop isn’t always the best idea in Greedfall. Crafting is an important mechanic in the game so you need to have a proper understanding of how it works. In this quick guide, I will explain how to craft in Greedfall.

Greedfall Guide: How to Craft Items

There are a ton of vendors in Greedfall that offer consumables to you. But instead of going to the vendor every time you should use the crafting system to craft the items you need for your adventures.

To craft items in Greedfall, you need to have at least the basic Science Talent. You can unlock the Science Talent by investing skill points. These points are earned through the normal progression of the game. Invest more points in the Science Talent to craft more complex potions and items.

When you have the talent to craft use the Workbench in towns to craft items in Greedfall. Crafting benches are also available in the camp and your home. Approach the workbench and interact with it. Navigate the consumables tab and scroll over the item you wish to craft.

To craft any item you need to match the required science level and should possess the right ingredients. You can find crafting ingredients out in the open world. Check out our crafting potions guide to know more about the crafting system.

And that’s all you need to know to craft items in Greedfall.

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