If you wish to defend yourself from all the aggressive insects found in the backyard of Grounded, you need to get yourself some weapons. Grounded has a variety of weapons for both ranged and melee combat. In this guide, we will tell you how to craft bows and arrows in Grounded for ranged combat. To make bows and arrows you need certain crafting materials and a workbench.

Crafting materials are found around the backyard. Most of them are very easy to find while others require you to use the Resource Analyzer.

How to Craft Bows and Arrows

There are multiple types of bows and arrows in Grounded. Below you will find all of the crafting recipes for all types of bows and arrows. Bows are great for ranged combat. Bigger insects in the game do significant melee damage so keeping your distance is a great way to battle them.

Bows and Arrows  Crafting Recipes 
Insect Bow 
  • 2 x Spider Chunk 
  • 2 x Spider Fang 
  • 2 x Spider Silk 
Sprig Bow 
  • 4 x Gnat Fuzz 
  • 2 x Woven Fiber 
  • 3 x Sprig 
  • 2 x Mite Fuzz 
  • 5 x Thistle Needle 
Lure Arrow
  • 5 x Arrow 
  • 1 x Flower Petal 
Gas Arrow
  • 5 x Arrow 
  • 1 x Stinkbug Gas Sack 
Venom  Arrow
  • 5 x Arrow 
  • 1 x Spider Venom 

 To make a bow you need to use the crafting station aka the workbench. There is a detailed guide we published that will take you through the process of crafting your workbench. Use the bows and arrows to take all insects of Grounded. Some of the insects will try to attack your base and in such situations, bows and arrows alone might not be too helpful. Craft traps to defend your base from bigger creatures. If you are having trouble running the game on PC then check out our errors guide.

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