A Hammer is a fundamental tool in Harvestella. It can serve various purposes, like building anything, from new construction to clearing more land for farming. In this guide, I’ll show you how to craft the Hammer in Harvestella.

Crafting a Hammer in Harvestella is Easy

You won’t start the game with a hammer or automatically receive one from Cres, so you’ll have to craft it yourself. The only thing Cres will do is tell you when you need to craft the hammer. To craft the hammer, you need to collect the 10x Hard Stones and then go to the inventory to begin the process.

The Hard Stones you are looking for can be found near Njord Steppe. These stones aren’t anything special that requires you to work hard. They are very common and easy to get. Quickly travel to the east side of the Njord Steppe. You will see that some nodes contain Hard Stones. Mine these nodes to obtain the stone.

The only drawback when you arrive at the Hard Stones farm is that there won’t be enough nodes available to craft the hammer in one sitting. However, you will be happy to know that the nodes respawn daily. Even though it takes some time to craft a hammer, it is not difficult. You need to mine the node’s daily limits and go back home to sleep for one day before returning mine more nodes. Repeat this process until you get 10x Hard Stones.

As you can see from the map, many rock symbols represent Hard Stone mining locations. So it is easy to find and mine these stones. To get more opportunities to mine Hard Stones, visit as many mining spots as possible.

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