The world of Grounded has many threats in the form of vicious creatures. However, there is a threat that can hinder your progress in Grounded. Every now and then you will come across an area that is clouded by poisonous gas. These areas can not be accessed without a gas mask. If you attempt to enter them you will lose HP and die. Hence, you need to craft a gas mask to access all the restricted areas of Grounded.


How to Get Crafting Recipe and Craft Gas Mask

The first step of crafting a gas mask is to make sure you have the recipe. Without the gas mask recipe, you won’t be able to craft the item. Go to the backyard and find  Weevil. These little insects are very easy to kill so take one down and get the Weevil Nose. The next step is to find a Resource Analyzer nearby. Go and analyze the Weevil Nose to get the gas mask crafting recipe.  Now that you have the recipe, it is time to craft the mask.

Gas Mask Crafting Recipe

A wearable weevil that filters hazardous haze.

To craft a gas mask you need 1x Weevil Nose, 4x Gnat Fuzz, 2x Wooven Fiber, 1x Stinkbug Part. Once you have all the items go to the menu and open the Craft tab. Select the workbench gear > gas mask and hit the craft button to get the gas mask in Grounded. The mask will let you visit toxic areas without losing your HP.

That’s the end of the guide if you are looking for other crafting recipes follow the link.