How to Cook Food in Medieval Dynasty – Roast Meat, Make Stew

Medieval Dynasty cook food

Cooking food in Medieval Dynasty is probably the most basic survival tip anyone can give you. Cook food to stay alive and avoid being poisoned in the game. However, how exactly do you cook food in the Medieval Dynasty? Cooking food is a daunting task sometimes due to how many times you need and if you are on low health, you might not survive the labor. In this guide, we will explain how to cook food in the Medieval Dynasty.

Medieval Dynasty Guide: How to Cook Food

The first thing you need to do is build a house before you can cook your food. You can see our detailed guide on how to build your first house in Medieval Dynasty. The next step should be to gather resources to cook meat or whatever else you wish to eat. You can hunt animals for leather and meat. While you can eat meat raw, there is a risk of getting the poison status effect which can lead to death if it remains untreated. Early on in the game, the best way to cook meat is to roast it.

You need to start a campfire to cook food in Medieval Dynasty. Once you have all the materials you can craft the campfire by pressing Q. Go near the camfire and press E to open the cooking wheel. Select meat from your inventory and roast it over the campfire. Roasted meat gives your character higher nutrition than raw meat.

Another way to cook meat is by using the Cauldron inside the house. But for that, you need additional ingredients such as onions, carrots and more to make stew. If you are looking for the highest nutrition then go for the stew. Getting all ingredients can be tough but more can be obtained at night from the village. Just make sure you don’t get caught stealing, otherwise, you will lose reputation with the locals.

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