In Valheim you play as the Viking adventurer. You need to survive in the harsh realities of the world and explore the most dangerous Biomes such as the Swamp. You will face beasts like the Elder among others. Throughout you must keep your spirits up and hunger low and for that, you need to cook and eat meat. In this cooking guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to cook meat in Valheim.


Valheim Cooking Guide: How to Cook Meat

To cook meat in Valheim you need 3x Wood and 2x Stone. Of course, you need pieces of meat as well which you get from hunting animals. You also need to make a hammer at your crafting table before you can start the process of cooking meat.

Using the hammer you can build multiple types of crafting stations to cook food. Now assign the hammer to any hotkey and open up the Hammer’s crafting menu. Go to the Campfire option but make sure to have 5x Stone and 2x Wood with you. Set the station wherever you want but preferably somewhere with a lot of space.

Head back to the Hammer crafting menu and choose the Cooking station. You need 2x Wood and then place it over the Campfire. Now that your cooking station is neatly placed over the campfire you can use the Cursor to see the Cooking Station options. One of the options is to Cook Items. You will also have the option to cook specific items from your inventory.

Press E to select the first option to start cooking meat from your inventory. The meat will start roasting over the campfire. Once you hear the searing sound take it as a sign that the meat is cooked.

Cooked with has many benefits including 6.7 heal per second for 7s compared to Raw meat’s 2.9 heal per second for 7s.

And that’s all you need to know on how to cook meat in Valheim. If you need more help check out how to save game, how to use wishbone, tools crafting recipes.

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