One major aspect of One Piece Odyssey is Cooking meals. To cook your meals, make your way to Chapter 2 of the game, to Nanohana Harbor which is in the main story quests. Enter the Spice Bean Tavern and speak with the Tavern Landlord. After a brief cutscene, you will be told everything there is to know about cooking in One Piece Odyssey.

From there, go and talk to Sanji or the Bartender. When you are in a conversation with one of them, just say that you want to cook something. At that point, a menu filled with recipes and cuisines will appear. Different dishes require some specific ingredients.

To find these ingredients, you have to roam around the map in search of chests and side quests or you can just simply buy these ingredients from the nearest shops for a small number of Berries.

You can also improve Sanji’s cooking skills from level 1 to level 2, just simply complete Chapter 3. As you progress through the game’s main story, you will get more skills and your number of cubes will also increase for that specific skill.

Carrying food will aid you throughout your journey in the game as it plays a vital role when you are fighting with enemies or bosses. So whenever you are going for a fight, don’t forget to pack your meals. Meals can be accessed by going through your menu and scrolling over where it says Food. From there you can select whatever you want to eat.

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