How to Confuse Enemies in The Division 2

The Division 2 confuse enemies

The Division 2 is booming right now and after a long time, the game is in the right shape. There is plenty to do right now which means more opportunities to get the best weapons, armors, and perks for your character builds. You will often complete certain challenges that require you to deal with enemies in specific ways. For example, you need to confuse, light them on fire, or apply to electrocute them before killing them. For this guide, we will focus on how to consume enemies in The Division 2.

The Division 2: How to Confuse Enemies

While there is more than one way to confuse enemies in The Division, the best way to confuse them is Gunner Spec’s Banshee Pulse. The best thing about this pulse is that it confuses within an AoE which means you can confuse multiple enemies at once. If your challenge is to kill a certain amount of confused enemies, use the Gunner’s Spec Banshee Pulse in The Division 2.

This method depends on the availability of the Gunner Spec. If don’t have it, try to find friends on randoms who already have access to the Gunner Spec. Bring such people into your party and use their help to confuse and kill enemies.

If using the Gunner Spec or finding someone who has it isn’t an option for you, there are other ways to confuse enemies. When in battle look for Rushers; this enemy type has a small bag stepped on their waist or leg. Shoo the bag to confuse them. Hyenas are the best enemy type for this purpose. They are have a lot of Rushers with bags strapped to their waist or leg. Complete Hyena centric missions to quickly rack up confused kills in The Division 2.

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