In Starfield another faction quest offered by the Ryujin Industries is “Top Secrets.” This quest involves a mix of negotiation, stealth, and combat as players navigate through corporate espionage and intrigue.


Starfield Top Secrets Side Quest Walkthrough

To start “Top Secrets” quest, players will need to have progressed through several missions for Ryujin Industries. After successfully stealing a schematic in the Trident Luxury Liners Staryard, players will be tasked with a more challenging mission that involves multiple steps.

The quest begins with a meeting with Ularu Chen. To find her, players must head to the Executive Office in Ryujin Industries. The Executive Office is a stark contrast to the rest of the building, characterized by its clean white interiors. Upon arrival, players will first speak to Maeve, Ularu Chen’s executive assistant, before meeting Ularu herself. After the conversation, Ularu will instruct players to travel to Cydonia to negotiate a deal for information.

Locating Simon Ryczek

In Cydonia, players need to navigate through the city and find Simon Ryczek. He can be located on an isolated rooftop near the Reliant Medical building. Engaging in a conversation with Simon will present players with a code phrase. The correct response is, “Razor derby is the only real sport.”


Simon offers three options to proceed:

  1. Pay 10,000 Credits: This option allows players to bypass additional tasks and move directly to the next step.
  2. Negotiate: Players can attempt to persuade Simon to lower the price, but the best they can achieve is a reduction to 8,000 Credits.
  3. Complete a Side Job: Simon tasks players with eliminating a mercenary named Malai Liskova. This option is lucrative as players can earn a significant amount of credits and potentially acquire Malai’s ship, The Datura.

Retrieving Project Dominion Files

After dealing with Simon, players will receive information about Project Dominion. The objective is to access Stanley McMillan’s computer and retrieve the files related to the project. Stanley’s office is located opposite the rooftop where players met Simon. By using the text log provided by Simon, players can determine when Stanley is away from his desk, allowing them to hack into his computer without being detected.


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