Recently, Overwatch 2 had several events such as the Halloween Terror event. One of the most played challenges in it is the Knock Knock challenge many players struggle to win, but are persistent because everyone wants to get Kiriko’s new voice line. That’s why in this guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can cover the Knock Knock challenge.

How To Complete The Knock Knock Challenge

In order to complete the Knock Knock challenge, players will need to play “Junkenstein’s Revenge: Wrath of Bride” in PvE mode. As soon as the mode starts, players will notice that they are in a Halloween-themed version of Eichenwalde. You will need to reach the tavern all while fighting different types of bots and enemy team players who’ll be spawned randomly on the map.

When the players reach the tavern, they will need to defeat the bots guarding it and wait for the doors to open. As the doors to the tavern open, players will need to enter through them and make their way up to the next floor. Once they’ve reached the next floor, they will see two doors, one on the left and the other on the right. They should interact with the door on the right side. Interacting with the door will make the player knock on it, knocking on the door 4 times will complete the challenge and the players will receive Kiriko’s new voice line.

Note: Overwatch 2 players can complete this challenge at any time whilst playing Junkenstein’s Revenge mode as long as they enter the tavern and knock on the door four times.

Hope this guide has helped you in completing the Knock Knock challenge and you have now successfully received Kiriko’s new voice line. Make sure you follow all the steps and do not miss any. If you need more help, here are some more Overwatch 2 guides you may like:

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