The “The Key Ingredient” side quest is one of the final missions for the Ryujin Industries faction. As tensions rise among the faction’s top leaders post the “Guilty Parties” quest, you’re thrown into the thick of things. The main objective? Retrieve the Ryujin Rothicite Shipment, which won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll be visiting various locations and confronting Ecliptic representatives. In this guide, we will walk you through everything you need to know on how to complete The Key Ingredient side quest in Starfield.


Starfield The Key Ingredient Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Guilty Parties Side Quest
  • Rewards: 250XP, 4800 Credits

To kick things off, head to Ryujin Towers, the base of the Ryujin Industries faction. Once there, make your way to Veena Kalra’s office on the R&D floor. Here, you’ll meet Veena Kalra, Camden Cho, and Masako Imada. They’ll brief you on the mission, revealing that Infinity LTD has pilfered a crucial part of the neuroamp. This component, Rothicite, is essential for a unique brain tech installation that shields you from Project Dominion’s effects. Your first lead? CM Station RC-1 on Carinae III-A.

Research on Carinae III-A

Carinae III-A is a moon orbiting the planet Carinae in the Eta Cassiopeia Star System. Once you’re in orbit, zoom in and land near CM Station RC-1. Before stepping out, don a spacesuit to protect against solar radiation. As you approach Consolidated Mining, be ready for a skirmish with Ecliptic soldiers.

Inside the mining site, after a few more Ecliptic confrontations, you’ll find the CM Station RC-1 Computer. A quick analysis reveals a canceled Rothicite delivery. A note on an Ecliptic Specialist’s corpse points you to Lucas Drexier of Infinity LTD, a potential mole. Your next stop? Narion Star Clinic.


Narion Star Clinic Investigation

Located in the Narion system within the Deepala orbit, the Narion Star Clinic is a space-floating medical facility. Once inside, your goal is the Secure Wing. Persuade the guard at the entrance using the dialogue options in the sequence: Orange, Green, Green.

Inside, you have an optional task: chat with Dr. Lane. Regardless of your conversation choices, you’ll discover that Infinity LTD has been conducting fatal experiments on individuals. If you’re upfront with Dr. Lane about your mission, you can proceed without any hitches.

Your primary objective here is to nab the Rothicite shipment, located near Dr. Lane by a microscope. If Dr. Lane spots you during the theft, brace for a confrontation with the guards. However, if you’ve already discussed Infinity LTD with the doctor, you can avoid this conflict.