While working for the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield, players will encounter a myriad of quests that challenge their moral compass and decision-making skills. One such mission is the “Accidents Happen” side quest, where players are tasked with a sabotage operation on behalf of Ryujin Industries, a faction with a reputation for ruthless ambition.


Ryujin Industries, under the leadership of Imogene, is determined to be the best in the business. Their competitive spirit knows no bounds, and they’re not above resorting to underhanded tactics to get ahead. In “Accidents Happen,” players are drawn into Ryujin’s rivalry with HopeTech, a competing company. The objective? Plant an ARC device at HopeTech’s facility, casting doubt on their safety protocols and tarnishing their reputation.

Starfield Accidents Happen Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Sowing Discord Side Quest
  • Rewards: 100XP, 2500 Credits

After successfully completing the “Sowing Discord” mission, players will once again liaise with Imogene. She provides the details of the new assignment, emphasizing the need for discretion and stealth.

The mission’s primary location is HopeTown, situated on the planet Polvo in the Valo System. Upon arrival, players should make their way to the HopeTech facility, keeping an eye out for any potential threats or obstacles.


Inside HopeTech, the goal is clear: plant the ARC device without being detected. The facility is guarded, so players must navigate with caution. The ARC device needs to be placed on a ship located within the facility. It’s crucial to approach the ship’s entrance discreetly, avoiding the gaze of the patrolling guards. Once aboard the ship, players should head to the upper level, where the ARC device will be planted. Timing is essential, as guards patrol the ship’s interior. Wait for the right moment, plant the device, and then make a swift exit.

With the device successfully planted, players must return to Imogene at Ryujin Tower on Volii Alpha. She will be eager to hear of the mission’s success and will promptly reward players for their efforts.

Key Tips for Success

  • Stealth is Paramount: The mission’s success hinges on the player’s ability to move undetected. Utilize stealth mechanics, take advantage of the environment, and be patient.
  • Companion Choices Matter: Certain companions, like Andreja and Sophia, can enhance the player’s stealth capabilities. If players have Sophia in their crew, she can be particularly beneficial for this mission.
  • Understanding the Environment: Familiarize yourself with the layout of HopeTech. Knowing potential hiding spots, guard patrol routes, and the quickest escape routes can be the difference between success and failure.