In the vast expanse of the universe, where corporations rule and espionage is the name of the game, Starfield’s Sabotage mission stands out as a testament to the player’s cunning and adaptability. It’s a narrative driven side quest that brings to a close the saga that started with Back to the Grind quest.


Starfield Sabotage Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: The Key Ingredient Side Quest
  • Rewards: 350XP, 8000 Credits, 3x Med Packs, 1x CQB-X, Operative Helmet and Operative Armor

The Sabotage mission is the grand finale of the Ryujin Industries storyline. It’s a journey into the heart of Infinity LTD, where you’re tasked with a delicate operation of corporate espionage. But here’s the twist: you can either tiptoe your way through, hacking and sneaking, or just let the bullets fly. And the best part? The universe doesn’t judge. Whether you’re a ghost or a gunslinger, the rewards await.

Use The Neuroamp

After securing a lost shipment, Masako, the enigmatic leader, introduces you to Dalton Fiennes. This is where the plot thickens. Depending on your alliances, you’ll either be plotting against Ularu or joining forces. But the real game-changer? The Neuroamp. This nifty piece of tech lets you control NPCs, making them dance to your tune. Need a door opened? Just manipulate an unsuspecting soul to do your bidding. But be warned: fail once, and that NPC won’t be so gullible again.

Infiltrate Infinity LTD – All Methods

Infinity LTD, the corporate behemoth, stands tall and seemingly impenetrable. But for those with the right skills, tools, and audacity, there are ways to pierce its veil. Here’s a detailed guide on how to navigate the labyrinthine corridors of this corporate titan:


1. The Stealthy Rooftop Entry

  • Initial Steps: Take the elevator to the Roof Access. Don your Operative Suit, a gift from Ularu, ensuring you’re as inconspicuous as a shadow. It’s also wise to venture alone; companions might compromise your stealth.
  • The Guard & The Fan: Once on the roof, you’ll encounter a guard and a fan. Use the Manipulate skill to command the guard to turn off the fan. If you’re feeling daring, you can risk dropping through even if the fan’s running, but expect some scrapes and bruises.
  • Sabotaging the Heating: Once inside, locate the Maintenance Systems terminal. Your goal? Sabotage the heating. This will send most of the staff scurrying, leaving only the guards. A clear path, almost.
  • Navigating the Vents: The ventilation shafts are your secret passageways. They’ll lead you straight to Drexler’s Office, where you can hack into his computer. Afterward, a daring drop down the elevator shaft will land you on the Research and Development floor. A word of caution: this route is treacherous. The unpredictable AI of Starfield means detection is always a risk.

2. The Diplomatic Approach

  • Setting the Stage: After a brief chat with Dezi, the receptionist, head to the Marketing floor. Engage in a conversation with Aelys Ortiz about your “appointment”. Once he departs, you have the freedom to move.
  • Drexler’s Office: With Aelys out of the picture, Drexler’s office is ripe for the taking. However, without sabotaging the heating, expect more NPCs around. The key? Speed and audacity. Dash through, complete your objectives, and exit before anyone’s the wiser.

3. The All-Out Assault

  • Preparation: First, ensure the heating is sabotaged. This will reduce the number of potential witnesses, leaving only the guards.
  • The Assault: Now, it’s time to let loose. Whether you opt for lethal or non-lethal means, the path is clear: fight your way through. Interestingly, going in guns blazing might have some perks. More XP, more credits, and the thrill of looting the offices without restraint.

Recommendation: While all paths have their merits, the all-out assault offers a blend of excitement and rewards. It’s a chance to experience Starfield’s combat mechanics in all their glory. However, if stealth and strategy are more your style, the rooftop entry provides a challenging yet satisfying route.

How To Deal With The Board Members

In the opulent chambers of Ryujin Industries, where every decision can alter the fate of galaxies, the board members sit in judgment. Convincing this council of corporate titans is no small feat, but with the right tools and tactics, even they can be swayed. Here’s how to master the art of corporate persuasion:

1. The Power of the Neuroamp

  • A Game-Changing Tool: The Neuroamp isn’t just a piece of tech; it’s a weapon of influence. With it, you can delve into the minds of the board members, subtly guiding their thoughts and decisions.
  • Manipulation in Action: Engage in conversation with the board members and deploy the Manipulate dialogue option. Watch as, one by one, they come around to your perspective, their reservations melting away.

2. The Board’s Decision: Ularu or Masako?

  • The Power Struggle: At the heart of Ryujin Industries lies a tussle for control between Ularu and Masako. Depending on your alliances and choices, this meeting will seal the fate of one of them.
  • The Outcome: Regardless of who you side with, the board’s decision will be unanimous, thanks to the Neuroamp. Their verdict? A takeover of Infinity LTD. The corporate landscape will never be the same again.

3. The Rewards of Persuasion

  • Beyond the Immediate Victory: Convincing the board isn’t just about the immediate takeover. It’s a gateway to greater rewards. A lavish office in Ryujin Industries becomes your domain, and from here, you can orchestrate further acts of corporate sabotage.
  • The True Prize: While credits and an office are enticing, the real treasures are the Neuroamp’s Manipulation ability and the stealth-enhancing Operative Suit. With these at your disposal, you’re not just a player; you’re a force to be reckoned with in the corporate wars of Starfield.


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