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How To Complete Polysemy Mission In Destiny 2


The Polysemy mission in Destiny 2 begins in the Wing of the Defiant, located in the War Table with a recommended power level of 1600. As you enter Riven’s Lair, a giant monster spawns from a large portal greets you. Head up the stairs and take a left towards the portal. The far-left portal activates, leading you through a pathway to a room filled with Goblin and other mercenaries.

war table navigation menu for Polysemy mission.

Portal, Goblins, And Destroying The Vex Trap

In this crucial phase, you find yourself trapped in a room with Goblin enemies. Your objective here is to activate a portal for escape. This involves stepping on three plates that emit a white glow, easily noticeable on the platforms inside the room. As you stand on each plate, battling the enemies, the portal activates, paving your way out.

Next, you’ll reach an open area swarming with Goblin enemies. Here, your task is to free an Ogre trapped inside a Vex trap. To do this, you must shoot at four nodes positioned above the trap. This requires using the Arc Cranium, obtained by defeating the Arc-Charged Minotaur. Juggling between destroying the nodes and dodging enemy attacks adds a layer of complexity to your mission.

Target these two nodes.

Once all the nodes are destroyed, the enemies are automatically eliminated, and the Ogre is released. You must then defeat the Raging Ogre and its Wardens before using the portal to advance.

You’ll find yourself in a similar situation as before, where you need to step on plates to open another portal. Repeat the process of stepping on the plates located in the room. Follow the marker to the portal and escape the room, ready to face the next challenge.

In the subsequent area, you confront the Aspirational Construct, a formidable boss guarding the Egg you’re after. The boss is shielded from the front and back, impervious to normal weapons. To break the shield, you must use the Arc Cranium acquired from the Arc-Charged Minotaur. Target the boss’ shield with the Arc Cranium and then use your Super Ability or high-damage weapons to defeat it. Upon its defeat, all other enemies vanish, and the room containing the Egg unlocks.

Interact with the Egg to transmit it to Riven, marking the successful completion of the Polysemy mission in Destiny 2.

  • Teamwork is Essential: Inviting two other players can significantly ease the difficulty, especially against challenging enemies and puzzles.
  • Recommended Power Level: A power level of 1600 or higher is advisable to ensure you have the best gear for the mission.

Polysemy Mission Secrets And Easter Eggs

Players have reported intriguing sightings when going OOB in the Polysemy mission. Notable among these are:

Words in the Void

hidden words on the void easter egg polysemy mission.

As players navigate through the portal in the cave area, they report finding an area where you can easily go out-of-bounds. In this unusual space, Guardians have stumbled upon mysterious words like “Cosmic to Monastery” and “Gardens to Monastery,” embedded in the game’s environment. Such discoveries are rare and have sparked curiosity and speculation among the Destiny 2 community.

The Sensorium

Another notable area discovered is called the Sensorium. The significance of this place is not entirely clear, but its mere presence in an out-of-bounds area adds to the intrigue of the mission. Is it a hidden part of the game’s lore, a future area for expansion, or simply an intriguing Easter egg left by the developers? The answers are yet to be revealed.

Hidden Chest

hidden chest location in polysemy mission.

There is a hidden chest in the Polysemy mission. The chest is cleverly hidden in the room where you activate three plates to proceed further in the mission. those equipped with a chest finder mod have an edge. The mod reveals the existence of the chest, which is concealed behind a wall. Currently, there is no way to reach this chest.

And that’s all you need to know but there is a lot more to do in Season of the Wish. You can hunt down weekly Starcats as part of Familiar Felines mission. Or you can grind to earn the Wishbearer Seal and Title.

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