How to Complete Medallion of Dominion Wow Shadowlands

How to Complete Medallion of Dominion Shadowlands

The Medallion of Domination is a quest in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. The quest tells much about Maldraxxus. A quest as easy as this one should not have a guide to complete it. However, there are bugs in the quest that Blizzard has not yet fixed making the quest a pain to complete. This guide will include all the details on navigating yourself through the bugs and completing the quest.

World of Warcraft Shadowlands: How to Complete Medallion of Dominion

At one point in the quest, you will have to interrogate the necromancers. However, this part is extremely buggy, and you will not get the option to interrogate them. In this situation, leaving the area at the moment through the mirror is the only option. Upon re-entering, you can see Kael’thas is present and is now taking over the interrogation.

If you see this, then your quest will go smoothly now. However, you might not be in the clear yet as many players have faced an issue where Kael’thas does not appear.

It is a tricky bug as there have been no perfect solutions for this. Although people have to find dismissing a pet before meeting him does not cause an issue. Logging out and back in has also solved the issue for many players.

Other than this, there are no more solutions to the issue. If the problem persists, you will have to send a support ticket to Blizzard and wait for them to fix it. If a cutscene plays after you kill Kel’thuzad, then you can be sure that the quest will soon end and there will be no more issues.

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