Starfield’s “Maintaining the Edge” is another faction quest offered by Ryujin Industries. It is a stealth operation to secure a prototype schematic for Ryujin Industries, a prominent faction in the game. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully complete this mission and maintain Ryujin Industries’ competitive edge.


Starfield Maintaining the Edge Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Accidents Happen Side Quest
  • Rewards: 100XP, 2 Med Packs, 2500 Credits

To start “Maintaining the Edge” mission, players first need to complete the “Accidents Happen” quest for Ryujin Industries. After successfully finishing this prerequisite, players can speak with Imogene to get the first objective for the “Maintaining the Edge” mission.

The primary objective of this mission is to infiltrate the Trident Luxury Shipyard and steal a prototype schematic without getting caught. Given the stealthy nature of this mission, it’s crucial to be prepared. Before embarking on the mission, ensure you have several Digipicks in your inventory, as these will be instrumental in unlocking doors and bypassing security systems.

Set your course to Akila, located in the Cheyenne System. The Trident Luxury Shipyard orbits around Akila. Once in proximity, dock with the ship to begin your infiltration.


How To Use Digipicks To Unlock Doors

Lockpicking in Starfield revolves around using Digipicks to solve puzzles. The primary objective is to slot the correct Digipick keys into the gaps of the puzzle. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  1. Quicksave Before Lockpicking: Before attempting to pick a lock, it’s advisable to quicksave. Exiting the lockpicking minigame consumes a Digipick from your inventory. Quicksaving ensures you don’t waste Digipicks if unsuccessful.
  2. Choose the Right Key Shape: The puzzle will present various gaps, and players must select the appropriate key shape that fits these gaps.
  3. Slot Key into Correct Spaces: After selecting a key, rotate it to align perfectly with the gaps. Once aligned, press the designated button (e.g., A on certain platforms) to slot the key in.
  4. Use Undo to Restart the Puzzle: If you mistakenly place a key in the wrong gap, use the Undo button to restart the puzzle. However, be cautious as using Undo consumes another Digipick.
  5. Repeat the Process: Depending on the lock’s difficulty, players might need to repeat the process multiple times to successfully pick the lock.

How To Find The Prototype Schematic

Upon docking, players will find themselves in a lobby area. From here, proceed to the floor below. The schematic is located in a locked room on this floor. As you approach the room, be cautious and move stealthily to avoid detection by the employees. Utilize your Digipicks to unlock the door and gain access to the schematic.

Access The Vents

For those looking for a more covert approach, there’s an alternative method to reach the schematic. Instead of heading downstairs, continue straight from the lobby until you encounter a set of stairs. Descend the stairs and navigate discreetly to a room with an orange door. Inside this room, players can access vents that lead directly to the schematic. However, this route requires expert-level digipicking skills. It’s advisable to save your game before attempting this method, as getting caught can lead to complications.

Once the prototype schematic is secured, players must return to Imogene to finalize the mission. Imogene can be located in the Operations Center within the Ryujin Tower. After handing over the schematic, players can immediately begin the next quest in the series, “Top Secrets.”