The Guilty Parties faction quest in Starfield is closely associated with the Ryujin Industries faction. This guide will provide a comprehensive walkthrough to successfully complete Guilty Parties in Starfield.


Starfield Guilty Parties Side Quest Walkthrough

To start the Guilty Parties mission, players must first complete the Background Checks quest. Once that’s done, your primary objective is to converse with Imogene, a member of the Ryujin Industries, located at the Ryujin Tower operation center. However, upon arrival, you’ll find Yuko instead of Imogene. Engaging in a conversation with Yuko will provide insights about Imogene’s last known location, the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout. Yuko also suggests speaking to Dalton, another member of the faction, for further information.

Conversing with Dalton and Benjamin Bayu

Dalton, conveniently located within the Ryujin Tower, offers more context about the Seokghu Syndicate. He also introduces the influential Benjamin Bayu, who can assist in locating Imogene. To meet Bayu, players need to head to the Astral Lounge and then to VIP room number 4. A conversation with Bayu can provide access to the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout, but he might ask for a favor in return. Players can either fulfill his request or use their persuasion skills to gain entry.

Reaching the Seokghu Syndicate Hideout

There are two primary methods to access the hideout:

  1. Frankie’s Grab & Go: If players have agreed to Bayu’s task, Frankie Moore will grant entry to the hideout. Alternatively, players can steal a key card from Frankie, but this approach requires caution due to the presence of many individuals.
  2. Rooftop Entry: By following the quest marker, players can reach a rooftop and enter the hideout from there.

Once inside, the objective is to locate Imogene. A quest marker aids in this pursuit. However, players should remain vigilant as the hideout might house potential threats.

Confronting Imogene

Upon finding Imogene, she reveals her innocence and provides evidence that she isn’t the mole. She hands over a slate containing all the proof. Players then face a crucial decision: to spare or eliminate Imogene. It’s advisable to spare her, as killing her negatively impacts the storyline.

Who To Side With In Guilty Parties Side Quest

Returning to the Ryujin Tower, players have the option to confront Ularu, the actual mole. The conversation with Ularu presents three potential outcomes:

  1. Support Ularu: Aligning with Ularu makes her the CEO of Ryujin, putting Imogene in peril.
  2. Eliminate Ularu: Displaying loyalty to the current CEO, Masoka, by killing Ularu results in Dalton’s wrath, leading to a confrontation with the guards.
  3. Shield Imogene: The best choice is to expose Ularu’s treachery to Dalton, ensuring Imogene’s safety and restoring the faction’s status quo.


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