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How To Complete Give Me A Sign Quest In Disney Dreamlight Valley


“Give Me A Sign” quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley is a part of the “A Rift in Time” DLC. This quest, set in Eternity Isle’s Ancients’ Landing, is not just about rebuilding Goofy’s Stall but also unlocking new opportunities and features.

To start the quest, look for a broken half of a shop sign near Goofy’s stall in The Docks. Picking up this piece is the key to starting the quest. Once you’ve found it and delivered it to Goofy, the quest officially starts, marking your first task to gather materials for the stall’s reconstruction.

You’ll need to collect specific items exclusive to Eternity Isle:

  • Copper Ore (25 pieces): Obtainable by mining at rock spots or breaking Copper Rocks in Ancients’ Landing. Remember, breaking Copper Rocks requires an upgraded Royal Pickax, which is a part of another quest, “The Secrets of Eternity Isle.”
  • Plastic Scrap (12 pieces): These are found by fishing in waters without ripples or bubbles around Ancients’ Landing. Some plastic scraps might also be hidden in the storage box near Goofy’s stall.

Note: Rebuilding Goofy’s stall is the only way to make Best Fish Forever Recipe in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Rebuilding and Opening the Stall

After gathering all the materials, return to Goofy, who is eagerly waiting at the stall. The next step is a bit of a surprise – opening the stall costs nothing! Interact with the Scrooge McDuck sign beside the stall to open it.

Talk to Goofy one final time to wrap up the quest. Your efforts will be rewarded with 5 Celery Seeds, 5 Grape Seeds, and 5 Yam Seeds. Additionally, this action unlocks the ability to purchase more seeds from Goofy’s Stall, essential for your future culinary adventures in the game.

The completion of this quest isn’t just about ticking off a task. It enables you to assist Goofy in building more stalls across different biomes of Eternity Isle. You can upgrade these stalls, expanding their stock and making more items available for your Valley.

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