Starfield’s Executive Level side quest is the final faction mission for the Ryujin Industries. It brings to a close the story that started with Back to the Grind. It is a short quest that mostly revolves around conversations with Ryujin Industries executives.


Starfield Executive Level Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Sabotage Side Quest
  • Rewards: 350XP, 13500 Credits, CQB-X

Neon, the lightning-fueled city, is where it all begins. After countless hours dedicated to empowering Ryujin Industries and undermining its competitors, players find themselves on the threshold of the Executive Level quest. Having successfully thwarted the interests of Infinity LTD and acquired the game-changing Neuroamp, players are poised to make decisions that will shape the future of Ryujin Industries.

Lobbying the Board Members

  • The Players: Each board member, marked by the blue quest marker, holds the key to the future of Ryujin. Engage with them, understand their perspectives, and weigh the implications of their votes.
  • The Power of Persuasion: With the Neuroamp in hand, players can manipulate the board members, subtly influencing their decisions. Whether it’s about the fate of Infinity LTD or the future of the Neuroamp, the power to shape outcomes lies with the player.

The Boardroom Drama: Decisions and Consequences

  • The Meeting: As players attend the meeting, they must wait for all members to arrive. The boardroom becomes a theater of corporate drama, with decisions about Infinity LTD and the Internal Neuroamp taking center stage.
  • The Unexpected Turn: In a twist of events, Ularu faces the possibility of being fired. However, her fate can change based on players’ previous decisions, especially if they chose a certain path during the “Guilty Parties” quest.
  • The Final Verdict: After intense deliberations, players must converse with Masako to understand the implications of the board’s decisions and to claim their rewards.