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To get the Retrocausality exotic sparrow in the Deep Stone Crypt raid, you need to complete the ‘Not a Scratch’ triumph. It needs to be done during the ‘Desolation’ encounter that requires you to locate the Deep Stone Crypt. The triumph requires you to bring all Pikes from the starting heat bubble to the final heat bubble. Read on to learn how to complete the triumph and get the Retrocausality exotic sparrow from the DSC raid very easily.

Unlocking the Retrocausality Exotic Sparrow in Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Before we begin, do note that the triumph can’t be completed solo. While you can kill all the enemies in the area and bring all Pikes from the first heat bubble to the last one, the triumph won’t unlock unless there are 6 players on the Pikes in the final heat bubble.

There is, however, a very easy to complete it. If you already know how the encounter works, check the last heading of the guide.

How to Complete Desolation

The objective of Desolation is to locate the Deep Stone Crypt. This requires you to progress through the blizzard, whether on Pikes or Sparrows, which will build up stacks of Frostbite. At 10 stacks, you’ll die.

To reduce these stacks, you’ll need to get inside the heat bubbles located all around the area. You’ll basically need to travel from one heat bubble to the other while killing enemies to progress ahead.

If one or more of your teammates are unable to find their way forward, you can use ‘Transmat’ inside a heat bubble to get to the previous ones. At the very end, you’ll need to deal with a couple of Brigs and enter the tunnel leading to the Deep Stone Crypt. You’ll also need to be wary of minefields on the ground that will slow you down.

How to Complete Not a Scratch Triumph

As of right now, there’s an easy way to complete the triumph. After you get to the first heat bubble, park your Sparrow/Pike just outside the heat bubble and get a few stacks of Frostbite. Now head inside the heat bubble, and hop onto Sparrow/Pike while standing inside the heat bubble.

By doing so, you won’t take any Frostbite stacks while out in the blizzard. Now all you need to do is to get on a Pike and go all the way to the end. Just remember not to head inside any of the other heat bubbles. Once you get to the last heat bubble, try to park your Pikes somewhere safe and clear the area before hopping onto them again and get to the final bubble.

If you’re confident enough, you can also get all 6 Pikes to the final heat bubble yourself and then ask 5 random players to you.

That’s how you can complete ‘Not a Scratch’ triumph in Destiny 2: Beyond Light Deep Stone Crypt raid to get Retrocausality exotic sparrow. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Destiny 2 wiki guides.

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