How to Complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2 – Quest Walkthrough, How to Start

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A brand new quest in Destiny 2 is called Coup de Grace. In this quest, players will go out on a new adventure to hunt down the High Celebrant in the Dreaming City. Most of this mission is pretty simple to complete but there are some annoying bugs that stop rewards from properly dropping. Rest assured, Bungie is looking into the problem as we speak. Here is a complete walkthrough that explained how to complete Coup de Grace in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Coup de Grace Quest Walkthrough

As I mentioned, there are some bugs and one of them prevents players from actually completing the quest. This guide will also list some workarounds to help you complete Coup de Grace.

First, you need to start Coup de Grace in Destiny 2. To do this you need the Improved Speaker II lure upgrade from the Crow in The Tangled Shore. You will need at least a level 7 reputation with the Crow. Upgrade your Cryptolith Lure and speak with The Spider to configure it with the Prey Mod: High Celebrant. This will activate the Coup de Grace quest in Destiny 2.

How to Beat the High Celebrant

After activating the quest follow the onscreen objectives and waypoints to deploy the Lure at the Cryptolith. If you did it right, the High Celebrant to Spawn. Use the Wraithful buff to get some damage on it (stand on the green pool after you kill the right enemy), however, it takes much more to beat the High Celebrant. When you damage the High Celebrant you’ll to then chase it into the Ascendant Plain.

Focus your damage on the black orbs that take you to each new area so you can chase the High Celebrant. Here’s the annoying part, if any of the black orbs aren’t taking any damage, it means the Coup De Grace is bugged. There is no real solution here other than to restart.

If that mission isn’t bugged for you, continue the chase and after dealing with some enemies here and there, jumping around, and killing a Wrathborn Ogre you’ll have to Cryptolith Lure in the Dreaming City before heading back to the Ascendant Plain by using some floating platforms.

Now is the time to face the main target, High Celebrant. To beat the High Celebrant simply unload your firepower into his weak points. You can use the Anti-Barrier mods against the Barrier Champions.

Note: According to Bungie, dealing too much damage too quickly to the High Celebrant might be one of the reasons why The Fourth Mark isn’t dropping.

The solution to this is simple, don’t kill the High Celebrant too quickly.

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