In Starfield, players will encounter a myriad of quests that will challenge their skills, wit, and decision-making. Among these quests is the “Background Checks” mission, a faction quest tied to Ryujin Industries. This guide will walk you through the steps to successfully complete this mission, uncovering corporate espionage and identifying a mole within the company.


Starfield Background Checks Side Quest Walkthrough

  • Requirements: Top Secrets Side Quest
  • Rewards: 200XP, 9000 Credits

Your journey in the “Background Checks” mission begins with a meeting with Dalton Fiennes, the head of security at Ryujin Industries. Dalton informs you of a potential mole within the company, suspected to be aiding the rival firm, Infinity Ltd. Your task? Infiltrate Ryujin Tower and extract data from Ularu Chen’s computer to determine her involvement. Ularu, a highly skilled operative, is under suspicion, and it’s up to you to gather evidence without her knowledge.

Persuading Nyx at Madame Sauvage’s Place

Before you can infiltrate the tower, you’ll need some assistance. Enter Nyx, a third-party hacker with the tools you need. Meeting Nyx at Madame Sauvage’s place, you’ll learn he possesses a program essential for your mission. However, acquiring it comes at a price – 2,500 credits. With the right persuasion skills, you can negotiate this down to 1,000 credits or even obtain it for free, depending on your choices.

Stealthily Navigating Ryujin Tower

Infiltrating Ryujin Tower requires stealth and strategy. The building is on high alert due to Security Directive Theta, leaving only security guards on the premises. As an employee, you might think navigating the tower would be straightforward, but any suspicious activity will make the guards hostile.


To ensure a successful mission:

  1. Preparation: Dismiss any followers and equip gear that enhances your stealth abilities. Avoid clunky outfits like spacesuits and helmets.
  2. Vent Navigation: Begin in the tower’s vent system, using it to bypass guards and access key areas.
  3. Light Control: Find a control console in the vents to shut off lights, making sneaking past guards easier.
  4. Guard Evasion: Use stealth skills to avoid detection, and if necessary, the Arboron Novablast Disrupter for non-lethal takedowns. Remember, guards can notice if their comrades are incapacitated.
  5. Accessing Ularu’s Computer: Once you’ve navigated the tower, locate Ularu’s office and run Nyx’s program on her computer.

After successfully running the program, make your escape from Ryujin Tower. Whether you’re spotted during your exit doesn’t matter, so focus on reaching the exit quickly. Once outside, head to Nyx’s apartment in the Ebbside area of Neon.

Meeting with Nyx, he’ll decipher the data from Ularu’s computer, revealing the identity of the mole within Ryujin Industries. Without giving away any spoilers, the revelation is a significant twist in the story.

Return to Dalton with the findings. He’ll discuss the next steps with Masako, focusing on preventing Infinity Ltd from further infiltrating Ryujin Industries and stealing information on Project Dominion. With that, the “Background Checks” mission concludes, leaving players with more questions and adventures to pursue in the Starfield universe.