How to Collect Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program – Energy, Burn Time, Fuel Sources

How to Collect Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program is needed to operate the mecha that’s required to perform a variety of actions in the game. During the early game, players won’t have to overburden themselves with collecting fuel but as the game progresses, the need of gathering more fuel becomes important. There are multiple sources of fuel in the Dyson Sphere Program. In this guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to get more fuel in Dyson Sphere Program.

How to Get Fuel in Dyson Sphere Program

Players need to have fuel to use their mecha in the game which is needed to do almost everything. This includes collecting resources, building, replicating, and even moving from one point to the other. In case the mecha’s Core Energy is running low, it won’t be able to complete these basic tasks and, in turn, hamper players’ progress. Therefore, it’s important that players always have sufficient energy.

The amount of Core Energy required by the mecha in the early game is easily manageable but becomes far more daunting as players approach the late game. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple sources of fuel for players to collect. These sources provide different quantities of Energy and Burn Time.

During the beginning of the game, players will only have access to Coal Ore that they’ll need to use as their source of fuel. However, as they progress through the game, they’ll gain access to other sources of fuel such as Hydrogen, Deuterium, Antimatter Fuel Rod, among many others.

In order to get Coal Ore in the game, players will need to mine it. To get started with mining the Coal Ore, players need to place a Mining Machine right in front of the node and turn it on. A good practice is to have Mining Machines cover as many resource nodes as possible. Another thing that players need to note is that multiple Miners can be placed on a single Resource Node.

Players can also rotate a Mining Machine by pressing the ‘SHIFT’ key. Once a Mining Machine has been placed, players can simply turn it on and click on it to get the output. As for other sources of fuel, they include:

  • Carbon Nanotube: 84.0 kJ | -80%
  • Graphene: 96.0 kJ | -70%
  • Plant Fuel: 500 kJ | -30%
  • Diamond: 900 kJ | -50%
  • Log: 1.5 MJ | -10%
  • Organic Crystal: 1.80 MJ | -20%
  • Coal Ore: 2.70 MJ | 0%
  • Crude Oil: 4.00 MJ | +20%
  • Refined Oil: 4.40 MJ | +30%
  • Fire Ice: 4.80 MJ | +40%
  • Energetic Graphite: 6.30 MJ | +60%
  • Hydrogen: 8.00 MJ | +100%
  • Deuterium: 8.00 MJ | +100%
  • Hydrogen Fuel Rod: 40.0 MJ | +200%
  • Deuteron Fuel Rod: 600 MJ | +300%
  • Antimatter Fuel Rod: 7.50 GJ | +500%

That’s all we’ve got in how to get more fuel in Dyson Sphere Program. For more help on the game, you can check out our detailed Dyson Sphere Program wiki guides.

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