How to Close Doors in Among Us

Among Us close doors

In Among Us, you either play as the impostor or the crew member. No matter what side you end up on there is plenty of planning that goes into winning a match. One of the key elements that often play a role in your success is being able to close a door and close it just at the right time. In this guide, we will explain how to close a door in Among Us.

Among Us Guide: How to Close a Door

Shutting doors in Among Us is only possible if you are playing as the Impostor. Crewmates can’t shut doors in the game so that’s something you need to keep in mind. The best part about this, if you’re playing as the Crewmate, is that you can actually spot an Impostor if you see them shutting doors because only Impostors can do it. If you are playing as the Impostor you can use doors to isolate Crewmates and kill them.

To close a door in Among Us you should close to it and observe your sabotage button. Press the sabotage button while you stand close to a door to close it. Once the door is closed you can successfully trap others inside rooms. Since Crewmates can’t open doors for a set period of time, Impostors can use this opportunity to kill them. However, be very careful, Impostors are immediately spotted if they close doors in front of anyone.

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