In Pokemon Cafe Mix there are multiple types of Gimmicks aka Ingredients icon. From time to time you need to clear them out and in this guide, we will explain how you can do that. There are multiple types of Gimmicks and each has its own unique method required to erase it.


Pokemon Cafe Mix: Clear Gimmicks (Ingredients Icon)

The following are the types of Gimmicks you will find in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

  1. Sugar Cube Icon
  2. Whipped Cream Icon
  3. Tomato Icon
  4. Nuts Icon
  5. Oil Icon

How to Clear Sugar Icon

To clear the Sugar Icon you need to get rid of Pokemon Icons close to them 3 times. You can do this by using Cafe Skills, it only takes a single move to get rid of an icon. You can check out the full list if Cafe Skills but keep in mind that only Pokemon Cafe Mix leaders can use Cafe Skills.

How to Clear Whipped Cream Icon

Use a combo around the Whipped Cream Icon three times and to get rid of them. The problem here is that these icons move around as you stir which makes it harder for you to deliver a combo. Use a Cafe Skill around the Whipped Cream Icon to clear it on one single move.

How to Clear Tomato Icon

Place all of the Tomato Icons in the basket to get rid of them. The icons can not be moved by tapping on them, the only way to do it is to stir them around.

How to Clear Nuts Icon

Just like the ones explained above, this icon can also be cleared by using a Cafe Skill. But the good thing about the Nuts Icon is that you can also use Megaphones as well that will help clear them up. Keep in mind that you can’t erase them by linking the Pokemon icon.

How to Clear Olive Oil Covered Icon

Make a combo right next to the Pokemon icon to get rid of the Olive Oil covered icon in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

These methods will help you clear all of the Gimmicks in the Pokemon Cafe Mix. Do check out the Wiki page for more helpful content.