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How to Cleanse Corrupted Breaches in New World


At multiple locations in Aeternum, you will need to cleanse different portals to clear the area of corruption. Corruption turns areas into dark wastelands which makes it impossible to travel and gather resources. In this guide, we will discuss everything there is to know about cleansing corrupted breaches in New World.

New World: How to Cleanse Corrupted Breaches

To cleanse corrupted breaches you need to reach level 20. If you aren’t on level 20 considering doing side quests and world events to reach the required level.

The next step is getting the Azoth Staff through the main quests. It takes some time to get it but it is crucial and a key part of cleaning Corrupted Breaches.

Once you have the staff you need to beat the Corrupted Breach guardians. They will have the same level as the breach and come in waves. Once all the enemies are taken care of using the staff to cleanse the breach and secure the area.

These breaches are gated by the player level and the staff. Make sure the staff level matches the breach level or is higher in order to cleanse the breach.

You will get special rewards inside the Breach Cache. The item’s level is based on the cache’s rarity which means higher level rewards from higher-level breaches.

There are multiple types of breaches including Corrupted Portal, Corrupted Monolith, and Festering Hive. It is suggested that you bring at least 5 or more players to clear these breaches.

That’s all there is to know about cleansing corrupted breaches in New World. Need more help? See How to Fast Travel, Sword and Shield Skills, Core Attributes, How to Use Gem Sockets.

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