In the intriguing world of Terra Nil, players are tasked with restoring life to barren landscapes by employing a variety of tools and techniques. A critical component of this restoration process involves purifying soil, which sets the stage for lush ecosystems to develop.

Navigating the intricacies of soil purification can be challenging, but our in-depth guide will provide you with the knowledge and strategies necessary to excel in this essential aspect of Terra Nil. Follow along as we delve into the tools and tactics required to transform dull soil into fertile ground for growth.

Understanding Soil and Currency: In Terra Nil, dull soil is the unproductive land that players must clean to restore the landscape. The game uses a currency called “Leaves” to deploy tools, and players can view their currency balance at the top-left corner of the screen.

Utilizing the Toxin Scrubber: To clean soil, players need to use the Toxin Scrubber tool, which costs 25 Leaves. The Toxin Scrubber purifies the dull soil, making it suitable for growing grass and earning more Leaves.

Placing the Turbine: Since the Toxin Scrubber requires electricity, players must first place a Turbine, which costs 40 Leaves. Turbines can only be placed on Rock Tiles, which are scattered throughout the map. Once placed, the Turbine will display a green area, indicating where electrically-dependent tools can be deployed.

Deploying Toxin Scrubbers: With the Turbine in place, players can deploy up to six Toxin Scrubbers within the Turbine’s boundary, as each Turbine generates 6 points of electricity, and each Toxin Scrubber consumes 1 point. Placing the Toxin Scrubber within the Turbine’s range will clean the dull soil, making it suitable for grass growth.

And that’s all there is to know to successfully clean and purify soil in Terra Nil. We have other guides you might find helpful including how to unlock tools, and Forest Biome.

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