How to Choose a Leader in Pokemon Cafe Mix – Tips to Pick a Leader

Pokemon Cafe Mix leader

Pokemon Cafe Mix has you picking a leader as you play, especially if you wish to use the Cafe Skills. In this guide, we will discuss how you can select a leader in Pokemon Cafe Mix, and how to choose the best leader. There are certain qualities you need to keep in mind before selecting a leader in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

You need to have one leader Pokemon and when you head over to completing a puzzle, the leader Pokemon will come along to help out. There are two types of skills in Pokemon Cafe Mix, Speciality Skills and Cafe Skills. Both of these types of skills can only be used by leader Pokemon. Depending on what puzzle you are trying to solve you need to pick your leader accordingly.

The good news is that you can switch between leaders anytime you want. To choose a leader in Pokemon Cafe Mix, head over to the menu screen and tap on “Set as leader” on any Pokemon you want. Depending on the situation, you can switch between different leaders as you go. The best tip we can give you is that make sure you understand each Cafe Skill and Speciality move your Cafe Staff brings to the table. Having an understanding of their abilities helps you pick the right leader for the right situation in Pokemon Cafe Mix.

You can check out wiki page for more helpful content. Do check out Speciality skillshow to recruit new Pokemon, and Golden Acorns farming. If you have any more tips for us let us know in the comments and we will update the guide.

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