[Updated!] How to Cheese The Glassway Boss on the Grandmaster Difficulty

How to Cheese The Glassway Boss on the Grandmaster Difficulty

Update: The cheese below has been patched but since it is a Bungie game, it does not take long to find the new ones. The new cheese, shared below, works almost exactly the same way. Check it out:

One of the Grandmaster NFs in Season of the Splicer that needs to be completed is The Glassway. Aside from The Corrupted, this NF strike is regarded as one of the toughest GMs in Destiny 2, especially its boss room. There is, however, a small cheese that can trivialize the difficulty of the boss room. In this Destiny 2 guide, we have detailed all there is to know about how to cheese the boss in The Glassway on the Grandmaster difficulty.

Destiny 2 The Glassway Grandmaster Boss Cheese

The Glassway on the Grandmaster is one of the toughest PvE activities in the game. While the rest of the strike can be managed, the boss room can get frustrating. The cheese, however, makes it a whole lot more manageable. The following is a brief overview of how the cheese works:

Progress through the NF as normal until the boss room. Once inside the boss arena, clear the initial wave of adds and wait for the boss to appear. Before the boss comes out of the portal, head inside the opening on the immediate right. After heading inside, jump up on the left side to find a small opening.

Jump into the opening and head to the bottom to find Radiolaria. The important thing here is to keep at the left side since the right side of Radiolaria will damage. Walk a little forward to push the weapon through the wall and start killing adds. Continue to defeat Champions, Wyverns, etc. before heading outside to finish off the remaining adds.

Empowering Rifts, Well of Riddance, etc. can be useful in the area. Below, we have provided a small video demonstration of how to do it – thanks to CheeseForever:

That is all we have got in our The Glassway Boss Cheese guide. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Destiny 2: Season of the Splicer wiki guides.

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